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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 17, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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a fast-moving grass fire comes within inches of homes in the east bay sending smoke billowing into a neighborhood and one person to the hospital. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the flames spread fast. the fire started a little after 7:00 tonight. in an open space near pawnee drive in antioch. alan wang is live in the neighborhood with the story. alan sph. >> dan, take a look at how close the fire got to this home. this is the fire line and there is the house right here. it doesn't get closer than that. these homes, about 40 homes, were in the path of those flames on top of this hill. homeowners were up here squirting the fire with their garden hoses as it melted through the fence. let me take you with some --
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show you what it looked like from the bottom of the hill from pawnee high near deer valley high school and antioch. it started about 7:15 and raced up the hillside toward the homes. the firefighters knew they had to get to the top of the hill and meet the flames. they had to run into several backyards while breaking down a few fences to do it. the homeowners say they did it in the nick of time. >> within seconds it was at our fence. by the time the fireman came they knocked down their fence. we started spraying their fence down too. they weren't home and then on the other side they weren't home. it was really scary. >> it started tornadoing up to me, up to my face. and it came under this tree and the back was hanging over. and then the branches, there was 25 feet in the air the flames. >> not one home was burned in this fire, but one neighbor
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did suffer smoke inhalation while fighting it. fortunately the winds were down and that's what prevented the fire from spreading even quicker. right now the firefighters are investigating this and we do not know the cause. it was a close call out here. reporting live in antioch, an 11 wong, abc7 news. >> meantime a fire that burned five acres is being investigated as possible cases of arson. they started before 2:00 this afternoon in diamond canyon park. one of our viewers sent us this video via you report and they considered the fire suspicious because there was little wind and not much chance for embers to be carried off. with the help of a chopper and 300 feet of hose firefighters had the flames out in less than an hour. neighbors pitched in to keep their homes safe.
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>> there was a fire down there and there was a fire right down here. it is frightening because this thing moved so fast. >> firefighters will stay at the park all night. firefighters kept a grassfire from reaching nearby homes. sky 7hd was along the scene on union pacific railroad tracks on thorton avenue and ash street. the flames were temporarily stopped. wooden railroad ties caught fire. we are moving into the heart of the fire season. what can we do? experts remind all of us to create defensible space around our homes by clearing loose brush. in marin county you candice pose from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 in the afternoon. bring it to the nacasio corporation yard and it is also septembering it july 12th and 13th. new information on the moraga school district that agreed to pay $14 million to two women.
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our media partner the contra costa times reports it is the largest per student molestation in the nation. the former students sued claiming their reports of abuse be a teacher in the 1990s were ignored. the district says it has since improved student safeguards and changed how it handles molestation claims. palo alto police are tonight looking for a pair of robbers who targeted a man who cannot speak and who is in a wheelchair. they started talking to a victim in the parking lot at town and country village shopping center. police say the robbers reached into the victim's pocket and grabbed his wallet and took off. it happened on wednesday afternoon. one of the suspects was wearing a blue t-shirt with "security" printed on the front. fremont police got a weapon to help fight crime. the city council approved $300,000 for surveillance cameras to be installed in the city. they will be placed mostly near interstate 880's on and off-ramps in the hope of tracking criminals.
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in one year the city council will receive an update in the process of the surveillance program so they can get a sense of how well it worked. a 4-year-old little boy is alive because of their neighbors. when they spotted him face down they reacted instantly. as you can see bravely. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa, how is the boy doing? >> he is okay. he was released from the hospital earlier today and he is now resting at home at the via camino apartments. the two people who saved him actually live in this complex they are loving and attentive parents so when she looked out her window and saw something strange in the swimming pool she reacted. >> i reacted. i took my pool keys and went there. >> she saw a little boy face
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down at the bottom of the pool. the mother of two who doesn't know how to swim jumped in. >> that was my mothering thing. i was thinking of my baby. if my baby was there i would have done. >> based on what he saw he was not hopeful. >> he was white and bloated and the eyes were half open. we did mouth to mouth breathing and then after that he started breathing a little bit. >> medics arrived and rushed the victim to the hospital. today a fencing crew came to reinforce the gate since it is still not clear how the little boy got in. for those who live here, they say it is not that hard. >> it is not closed it is simple. you just have to pull to get in. >> the boy's parents wouldn't talk publicly, but sunnyvale police stopped by to ask more questions. neighbors meantime are proud of the dolas. >> i said are you a hero and
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you did a great job. >> they are waiting a few days before personally checking on the little boy they saved. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. campbell police tracked down a suspected it bank robber just minutes after it happened. at 3:30 they arrested 56 yearly transient mark flanagan just down the street from the u.s. bank on south baskam avenue. there is his picture. police say he had $1200 that was taken from the bank. they tweeted this picture of the beer can he was holding when they made the arrest. it is a steel reserve 211. the tweet said the irony is that 211 is the penal code for a robbery. well, the world cup is being called the social media cup because it has been so popular on facebook, twitter and other sites. during the huge u.s. win against ghana yesterday fans were not just cheering, they were on share smartphones and tablets in huge numbers. fate book reported 10 million people having 15 million
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interactions during the game. twitter had 4.9 million tweets. fans told us the world cup is an experience you want to share with other fans and friends no matter where i they are. >> take a look around and everybody has their phone and they are tweeting or facebooking or instagraming or vining or sending pictures and commentary about what is going on and this wonderful experience. >> we want to see your world cup spirit. here is yogi showing support for italy. how cute is yogi? and here is a bay area woman decked out in brazil gear. e-mail your fan photos to you report at or report. we would love to hear from you. our sister network, espn, is carrying the matches live. cameroon will take on croatia at 3:00. hope you can enjoy all of the action.
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a hero's homecoming for a local veteran. after years of service his friends and new community decide to give a little back. a surprise makeover waiting for him. and an out of control jeep caught on camera. must see video that sent this suv airborne. incredited believe a. incredible. and speaking of incredible, did this golden retriever survive two winters in the wilderness? the log dog that -- the lost dog that found his way home. >> i am sandhya patel and that is all changing. summer starts this weekend and the heat is arriving earlier. details on that, but first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a quick preview of what we are up to tonight. >> i now pronounce you the expert panel and host of rising star. now let's make it facebook
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a kansas highway patrol officer could not believe his eyes. after capturing a rollover crash on the dashboard camera and look at this. the jeep cherokee hit a parked truck and then rolled several times. investigators believe the driver was impaired. he was as you can imagine taken to the hospital. a retired marine corp master sergeant came home for good. after 21 years of moving around this time he plans to stay put. he bought a house, but it needed some work. or at least that's what he thought. here is abc7 news reporter wayne freedman on the
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sergeant's big surprise. >> they were hard to miss, the many, many flags in solano county. a trail of them leading to this home which looks nice now, but when retired marine corp iraq veteran and master sergeant showed up with his family nice was the last thing they expected. to the same home that had been a mess when they bought it in january -- >> we choose it it because it is the only thing we can afford. >> the home on which they expected to spend time and money to make it right. they asked him to keep an eye on it during the months in between. >> is this a little above and beyond? >> it is. but it is the right thing to do. >> this is the miracle he and his family found. $70,000 of donated materials and labor, new floors, new carpets, new fixtures, a new kitchen and in the backyard -- >> this is nice.
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>> don't step on your grass. >> after 21 years of living in military housing, this is the nicest place they have ever had. >> we are proud of our service , and those guys that didn't make it back and those guys that are are -- that didn't make it in one piece, they deserve this, not me. >> well, master sergeant, your best friend and new community beg to differ. welcome home for good. >> we are not going to move anymore. after so many years of moving around. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> that's a good man there. welcome home. >> a mother in north carolina ended up teaching her daughter a available lesson on graduation day. on the last day of class violet was sent home for wearing this dress.
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school officials say it was too short, but she wore it many times before. to cheer up her daughter, the mother wore it to the graduation ceremony. she wanted to teach her daughter to stand up for herself when she feels she has been wrongly criticized. an el dorado hills family hopes a golden retriever found wandering through a campground is the very dog they lost while camping nearly a year and a half ago. murphy is a 5-year-old golden retriever and became separated during a camping trip in october of 2012. and then a couple weeks ago a stray golden retriever was spotted at the campground about 11 miles from where murphy disappeared. but is it really murphy? could a dog survive 20 months in the wilderness like that? the family says they are 99% sure it is him, but are running a dna test to be sure. that will be a remarkable reunion and survival story if it is murphy. we'll let you know when the
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dna test comes back. pretty cool. let's talk about the weather forecast and sandhya patel is here. the winds calmed down in some others. >> we had gusts through about 20, 23 miles an hour, but it wasn't as windy as it was. as a result the temperatures were up a good two to 14 degrees today compared to yesterday. live doppler 7hd showing you mainly clear conditions tonight. we have a patch of fog around half moon bay. visibility is great and looking from the east bay hills. you can see all the way across the bay tonight. the temperatures are on the mild side from oakland to san jose to morgan hill and all in the 60s. san francisco 57 and half moon bay, one of the cooler spots in the mid40s right now. the sutro tower cam is sparkling. 61 in santa rosa and fairfield. mid60s concord and livermore. so still very mild. from our exploratorium camera. i like this shot. it looks like a postcard. looking at coit tower.
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a mostly clear morning and getting hot inland tomorrow and summer arrives at 3:51 a.m. on saturday. we are going to see some hot conditions beforehand.remember t us the cooler than normal conditions yesterday? it is long gone. it brought some snow to idaho. the warming continuing for us as the high pressure shifts in our direction. then it will get cooler with the cold front coming through. tomorrow is even warmer than today, and then we will see the numbers flipping a little bit. tomorrow morning, mid40s in some of our coolest locations like half moon bay and napa. 49 cloverdale and santa cruz. most other areas will be in the come -- on the comfortable side. watch what happens. the mostly clear skies change up as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. the fog returns to the coast. 60s there and 90s inland. we will call it the summer microclimate for your wednesday afternoon. the specific temperatures 84 in san jose and 90 in gilroy. a pretty warm day in santa
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clara. 83 degrees on the peninsula. 84 redwood city. 86 in half moon bay and downtown san francisco, south san francisco mild low 70s. some would airing good you it is warm and -- some would argue it is warm. 84 in san rafael. out toward the east bay, 80 in oakland and newark and 84 castro valley and inland spots, you are going to be on the hot side around pittsburgh, livermore, antioch and all in the low 90s. 88 in san ramon. some of your kids are out of school. many kids are out of school. the alameda county fare -- fair starts tomorrow. in case you are taking your little ones we are expecting warm weather. upper 70s to the upper 80s in pleasanton by 3:00 p.m. and then comfortable and mild by 11:00 p.m. if you are heading to the a's game as they take on the rangers at the coliseum it will be a warm day in the 70s. you will need the sunscreen and you will need it again on thursday. the biggest difference is we will cool it off as the fog returns on thursday through saturday which is the first
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day of summer. and then the temperatures will be within a few degrees as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a good thing is that with the fact with the fog coming back the sea breeze and the fire danger comes back. >> thanks very much. before we move on, the singing competition that makes you the judge premieres this sunday night on abc7. now is the time to download the rising star app so you will be ready to make your voice heard. the app is available for free on itunes and google play. check that out when you can. stay tuned now because larry is going to make his voice heard with all of the sports. >> getting ready. >> he was ready, but not in the starting lineup for the a's. he turned into the star of the he turned into the star of the game.
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scenery did nothing for giants. they still have the best record in baseball, but the giants dropped seven of their last eight. matt cain clobbered again. here it it comes and there it goes. lifting his average to an even 300 with his 10th homer of the year. they are up 2-0 in the third. that is a room service fast ball for gordon beckham. a 2-1 blast and somebody get the souvenir. hold on. the wheels come off in the fourth. brandon crawford and bear handing and trying to get adam eaton. the ball goes into the stands and cane goes five innings so that is seven runs. the giants fall 8-2 and their fourth straight loss.
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the a's and rangers and the fans are in a frenzy and why not? darvish is gone and so is this ball. it is a pinch hit and three-run homer. 8-3a's. norris has a two-run double and five r.b.i's and coco crisp would add this in the eighth to rob jimenez. itit is a dive! oh great catch. a's beat texas 10-6. vernon davis wants more money. join the club. what are the chances they will open the 49ers'
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>> i am not really sure whose idea it is, but it has no chance in working.
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veer fan davis -- vernon did not show up for mandatory mini camp for the 49ers. he has two years left on his five-year $37 million contract and wants the niners to re-do the deal. vernon davis is an all pro tightened and terrific. he had 13 catches last year, but no leverage, none. jim harbaugh is not happen about vernon nor alex boone missing this mini camp. >> i am disappointed in that decision for them not to be here there is a voluntary segment to the off season and now it is mandatory. not the decision i envisioned being the 49er way. >> now to the world cup. brazil versus mexico. and 0-0 has never been this much fun. kobe bryant in the city and that describes ochoa. the header and spectacular. brazil was heavily favored. they threw everything at ochoa
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and he stopped everything. on the doorstep! learn to live with rejection. silva with the header. viva mexico. this game ends nil-nil and maybe enough for mexico to advance out of group play. that was a fantastic match on the pitch, dan. >> that was a stand too. >> owe chough -- ochoa was >> owe chough -- ochoa was great. wirethey're big. fast. andome. dependable. and at net10 wireless, we let you tweet, text, talk and surf... on those amazing nationwide networks... without getting locked into a pricey phone contract. america's best 4g lte networks for half the cost.


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